5 reasons why your man might cry

A lot of men are obsessed with sports! They enjoy All day  Sunday football days or Saturday night hockey night, but it is those sad or happy documentaries about their favorite players that choke them up that they might even shed a tear.Source: skynesher / E+ / Getty Images
Although rare some movies or TV shows that they invest their time do make men tear up.Source: Hiraman / E+ / Getty Images
Being mentally-stressed about work and all around life.Source: gawrav  / E+ / Getty Images
Tears of JOY of course! Source: Neustockimages / E+ / Getty Image
Men are more likely to cry because of love more than a woman. Losing someone that they love (which doesn't always means death). Whether it is him who does the break up or the woman a man is more sensitive to their feelings of love then women.Source: AnnaRise / E+ / Getty Images
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