5 emotions you feel when falling in LOVE

There is no real timeline to fall in love. According to surveys Men wait about 88 days to finally say "I Love You" whereas women take a little longer averaging 134 days. Then there is love at first sight ;) here are a few facts to know you are falling in LOVE!Source: Tassii / E+ / Getty Images
You suddenly feel overwhelmingly giggly and happy when you think about that person.Source: Karan Kapoor / Taxi / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
Some say that this is in fact a bad sign, but experiencing sleeplessness and loss of appetite are actual symptoms when you are first falling in loveSource: LWA/Dann Tardif / DigitalVision / Getty Images
You finally meet someone you like and you start to daydream about a future with them. How your wedding will be, how many kids you will have, or how you both will look when you grow old together.Source: Serge Krouglikoff / The Image Bank / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images
Not every relationship is easy, there are always ups and downs but when you are truly in LOVE it should feel easy even with the little arguments you might encounter. Source: Deborah Jaffe  / Photolibrary / Getty Images Plus
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