5 Toys that Only 80s and 90s Kids will Remember

Summer sessions of waging water wars will remain a fond memory for life. Super Soakers were the ubiquitous water toy! Source: StanRohrer/iStock/Getty Images Plus 
This toy, perhaps more than any other, allowed us to escape into our own alternative reality as kids. Source: Amy Bader/Moment/Getty Images
Who else spend hours on end making these cool multi-coloured geometric patterns using a Spirograph?Source: Kosei Saito/Moment/Getty Images
Video game fans who grew up in the 80s have kept a very fond memory indeed of the Atari gaming systems, one of the first times you could actually bring arcade games into your living room! Source: Boast/iStock/Getty Images Plus
Plunge into the endless world of 3D landscapes with what was effectively the first-ever set of VR goggles! Except, of course, this one was way before the personal computing and Internet revolution!Source: Gesrules/Moment/Getty Images
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