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The Beat 5@7 with Cat & Claudia

The Beat 5@7 with Cat & Claudia

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00

Starting at 5 p.m., just as Montrealers brave the sea of orange cones! The only way to keep smiling on your drive home is to tune into Cat and Claudia! The Beat’s 5@7, starting with the biggest hits of the day - the Top 5@5.


The Beat’s Top 5@5, connected and interactive. Don’t miss: The Cocktail Mix at 6 p.m. On the Beat with Claudia at 6:40 p.m and the “LastCal” just before 7 .

  • 'The Bachelor' finale ends with moms disapproval

    'The Bachelor' finale ends with moms disapproval

    The Bachelor season finale was filled with excitement, love and of course, DRAMA! Peter Weber had originally proposed to finalist Hannah Ann Sluss, but changed his mind and rekindled his relationship with Madison Prewett.

  • [LIVE UPDATES] Coronavirus Cases
    Local News

    [LIVE UPDATES] Coronavirus Cases

    With the cases of Coronavirus (CoV) growing worldwide, 49,766 are currently infected patients, and 30,611 cases which have recovered and discharged.

  • Is this the “Ideal Length” of First Dates?
    Healthy living

    Is this the “Ideal Length” of First Dates?

    Many of us have been there: the super-awkward first date that lasts waaay too long, or the speed dating session that ends with you throwing your hands in the air thinking “why did I sign up for this?” Here’s the good news: sex columnist Gabi Conti, who writes for Cosmopolitan, thinks she’s found a formula for the “ideal length” of a first date to avoid these issues! As laid out by Gabi in a thoroughly-reasoned article on Cosmopolitan.

  • 1:58

    Beat Listener Cathy Shares AMAZING Parenting Advice

    Cat and Meghan Kelly (in for Claudia) got a text this week from a parent saying her 13-year-old daughter wants to dye her hair like Billie Eilish... How would you deal with this as a parent?

    Beat listener Cathy had amazing advice to share that applies to ALL parents! She said her dad was a strict parent, but he "would let me do anything I wanted with my hair or my clothing." Later on in her 20s, she asked him why he was so lenient with her on this aspect, and he told her "You were discovering yourself in a way that wouldn't harm you or anyone else. Every teenager has to discover themselves in a certain way."

    She went on to explain that "he always said to me anyways, even if I would have said no, you would have done worse."

    It's excellent advice that applies to all parents! Let your children know that they are free to express and explore themselves! As long as it's safe and doesn't harm them or anyone around them, self-exploration is healthy and beneficial, and should be encouraged. 


    With Claudia Marques and Cat Spencer

  • Roommates Return $50,000 found in Thrift Store Couch
    Local News

    Roommates Return $50,000 found in Thrift Store Couch

    Three New York roommates got the surprise of their lives when they found USD $40,000 (CAD $50,000) hidden in a couch they had recently purchased for $20 from a thrift store, CBS New York reports .

  • The 5 Types of Gift Givers
    Healthy living

    The 5 Types of Gift Givers

    We all know people who are AMAZING at giving gifts… And people who aren’t very good at all! According to Psychology Today , that’s because there are 5 types of gift givers, and they’re NOT all made equal! Here they are, and we’re willing to bet you’ll recognize some of your family and friends in these descriptions… The Genuine Giver These people give real thought to what they give, and their gifts are usually amazing! Most of the time, they’re based on real things about you, things you said, or they’re just downright useful things.

  • The Best Public “Happy Birthdays” EVER!

    The Best Public “Happy Birthdays” EVER!

    We’ve all been there… You order a birthday dessert for the guest of honour at a restaurant, only to receive a half-baked effort along with unenthusiastic singing.

  • The Benefits of Giving Gifts
    Healthy living

    The Benefits of Giving Gifts

    The Holiday season is upon us, and it’s always a conflicting time of year… On the one hand, the joy of reconnecting with friends and family is totally worth the extra effort.

  • Why it’s Healthy to take Time Away from your Children
    Healthy living

    Why it’s Healthy to take Time Away from your Children

    “Am I a bad mom if I leave my family for a 4-day getaway?” Questions like this are common for all parents, as are feelings of guilt for not being there for your children… But the truth is, every parent needs a break, and it’s actually healthy for both you AND your children! Here are some reasons why you should schedule some “me time” as part of your parenting! We’re Not Designed as Full Time Parents The simple truth is that humans were never meant to exist as full-time parents.

  • How to keep Christmas Under Control
    Healthy living

    How to keep Christmas Under Control

    Parents, do you feel like gift giving at Christmas gets out of control? You’re not alone! With Canadians spending more and more each year on Christmas gifts , it’s no surprise that our minds and wallets are feeling the strain… Here’s one simple trick to keep the insanity of Christmas gifts under control.

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