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AUDIO | An expert reveals the 3 tackiest home decor items you could own

AUDIO | An expert reveals the 3 tackiest home decor items you could own
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The experts have spoken, Montreal...

From kitschy signs to perfectly matched sofas, an interior decorator has revealed on TikTok the 3 tackiest home decor items you could own:

Faux plants

Faux plants are a faux pas...Instead, surround your home with the real, oxygen-supplying stuff! Sure, the maintenance of real plants might be a little harder, but at least you're sure they won't become dust collectors.


Matching Furniture Sets

In 2023, matching furniture sets are out. Forget the same-coloured sofas or adjacent bedroom sets. Instead, have some fun and mix & match!


Word signs

Whether it's 'Live Laugh Love' or 'Family First', word signs might be the tackiest home decor item yet. Instead, opt for a cool painting or something that will spark the conversation whenever you have guests over!


What home decor item do you think is tacky, Montreal?

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