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'Goddess' Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 look explained

'Goddess' Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 look explained
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Costume designer Lindy Hemming wanted Gal Gadot to "look like a goddess" in Wonder Woman 1984.

The 35-year-old reprises her role as Diana Prince and her superhero alter ego in the newly-released sequel, and there was one scene in particular where Lindy wanted to ensure leading lady Gal looked spectacular.

During the movie, Diana reunites with her long-lost love interest Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, while wearing a floor-length ivory silk dress with a thigh-high split and towering heels.

"We wanted something so that her legs could come through. She has the most fantastic legs anyway, and I knew that she would walk along that Long Pond in Washington," she told GoldenGlobes.com. "It seemed like white would make you stand apart from everybody else. She would look like a goddess, and she is a goddess in a way. We called it the 1980s goddess look."

And Lindy's extensive research of fashion during the 1980s ended with her having to create a custom dress for Gal, as other pieces from fashion houses, including Chanel, just didn't feel right.

"We explored so many evening dresses – none of the metallic ones of the period seemed to be right for the character. They seemed to be too on the nose. I referenced Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Claude Montana to create that kind of classic American look," she recalled.

"I created that costume as a shirt and wrap-around skirt with a really clever cutter, Ian Frazer Wallace, in a really heavy double silk crepe.”

Wonder Woman 1984 is out in cinemas now, and will be available to stream on premium video on-demand services in the U.K. from 13 January.


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