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Princess Diana's trainer: 'We worked through her bulimia battle together'

Princess Diana's trainer: 'We worked through her bulimia battle together'
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Princess Diana discussed her bulimia battle with her personal trainer, and together they worked hard to combat it with exercise and healthy eating.

Jenni Rivett began training the late royal in 1991, and in an interview with New Idea Royals Monthly, she shared her belief that fitness helped Diana overcome her eating disorder.

Revealing the pair "had a really great bond," she said: "She bravely told me - and the world - about her bulimia. (It) was truly honourable as it helped so many young women understand (the impact of) eating disorders.

"I just encouraged her with healthy eating and I honestly believe the exercise helped her manage her bulimia. Exercise is such an incredible release for anxiety and other low feelings. I believe as her body became fit, strong and healthy, she felt empowered and ready to face those bad times head-on."

Jenni also shed light on Diana's special bond with her boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, who would often sit in on their workout sessions.

When it came to their exercise routine, the trainer focused on functional moves using Diana's body as resistance, like squats and lunges.

"Like most women, when you are seeing the results it really motivates you to carry on," she recalled. "Diana used to like doing step aerobics, which was the big thing in the '90s. She also really loved to do cardio and get out into Kensington Gardens and power walk. I taught her to rollerblade, too, which she loved! In general, she loved most of the exercises I did with her."


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