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Gal Gadot to have a third baby girl

Gal Gadot to have a third baby girl
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Gal Gadot is expecting her third daughter.

The Wonder Woman star announced she's pregnant with baby number three last month when she shared a sweet photo of herself sitting in bed with her husband Jaron Varsano, and their daughters Alma and Maya's hands-on mum's growing baby bump.

She captioned the snap: "Here we go again."

And on Thursday, during an appearance on U.S. show Live with Kelly and Ryan, Gadot revealed she's expanding her brood of mini-mes at home with "number three".

"I'm very grateful," she shared, musing: "It's baby girl number three. We’re sticking to what we know."

And that means getting her third child's sleep training right after she and her husband "messed up" the nighttime routine for their firstborn.

"With Alma, we completely messed up the whole sleep routine and when Maya was born, we were like, 'No more!'," she said, noting: "So Maya, she can sleep though the night since she was five months (old), Alma still, at nine, sneaks into our bed, so I think that's something we are going to stick to doing."

The actress went on: "We're going to sleep train her (new baby), we’re going to make sure she loves and enjoys sleep. I feel like this is the hardest part of parenthood, the lack of sleep, the being tired all the time, that was the hardest thing for me."

For now, though, the expectant mum is struggling to keep her emotions in check, because pregnancy hormones have turned her into a real "crier".

"Hormones are underestimated," she added, divulging: "I can cry from commercials. I can cry from just a thought that crosses my mind. I can cry from a good song. I'm a crier right now. And usually I'm so not like that. That's why it's so shocking."


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