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Britney Spears shares glimpse of tattoo fans 'never see'

Britney Spears shares glimpse of tattoo fans 'never see'
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Britney Spears has given fans a glimpse of her "favourite" tattoo in a new swimsuit snap.

The popstar took to Instagram over the weekend to upload a photo of herself posing in a hot pink number while holding her blonde hair up in a ponytail to show off a tiny inking on the back of her neck.

In the accompanying caption, Britney revealed that the body art is actually a Hebrew phrase.

"Hot pink makes my tan pop!!!! Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before????" she asked. "It's Hebrew, it's a language written backwards!!!! It says Mem Hey Shin and means healing!!!! It's my favourite tattoo but ironically you never see it!!!!!"

Britney is no stranger to tattoos, with her collection including a fairy design on her lower back, a lips motif on her right wrist, and pair of pink dice on her left wrist.

The Toxic hitmaker often shares details of her latest fashion purchases on social media, and on Saturday, she also uploaded a short video showing her dancing backwards and forwards in a leopard print catsuit.

"This is a different cat outfit!!!! I bought three online and I like trying out these babies ... this one is a bit softer feel than the first cat I showed!!!!" the 39-year-old posted. "Anyway ... I've never gone backwards in a video before ... looks sort of different to me!!!!"

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