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Billie Eilish 'spirals out' whenever she reads social media comments

Billie Eilish 'spirals out' whenever she reads social media comments
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Billie Eilish no longer reads comments on social media as they cause her to "spiral".

The Bad Guy hitmaker is one of the biggest artists in the industry at the moment, and boasts over 88 million followers on Instagram.

However, in a recent interview for The Los Angeles Times, Billie shared that she avoids looking at the comments on any of her posts, as they can impact her mental health.

"Because otherwise I will spiral out, and s**t's mean as f**k," the 19-year-old stated. "There are some people, like my brother, who can get a text from someone he doesn't like and delete it immediately. He won't even read it. I can't do that. If Satan himself texted me, I'd be, like, 'What did he say?'"

And while Billie considers herself to be a rational person, when she is featured in memes and posts, sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her.

"I want to hear what people have to say, and also, because I've grown up on the Internet, I mostly agree with a lot of what the Internet says. Some of the things that they make fun of people for are funny because they're kinda true, right?" she mused. "Which then worries me because I'm like, 'Oh, God, are the mean things (about me) actually true? And what are they?' I want to know them! But I don't want to know them, because what is that going to do for me? Nothing."

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