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5 things you HAVE to do in the Dominican Republic!

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5 things you HAVE to do in the Dominican Republic!
Playa Bonita - République dominicaine / Source: www.godominicanrepublic.com

Are you the type to say ‘Ugh, I need a vacation!” or “I’d like a vacay but sitting around the beach all day isn’t really my thing” ? Well, have we got the perfect destination for you!

Dominican Republic’s landscape VARIES from cactus.. to tropical forest .. too long shores with all kinds of sand color beaches, and even below zero temperatures, and the highest mountain in the Caribbean. With approximately 8 million visitors every year, it’s no wonder that it’s among the top travel destinations! Whether you’re traveling with your partner, friends, or family, these 5 thrilling activities will be sure to keep you on your (barefoot) toes during your visit:

1. Canyoning + Rappelling


Source: www.godominicanrepublic.com

In the Dominican Republic, canyoning and rappelling go hand in hand. This activity will offer you the closest relationship with the Dominican Republic’s landscapes, as you will literally be climbing them! On the day of the activity, you’ll get to descend into riverbeds, rappel down waterfalls, and leap down into emerald-colored freshwater pools. Not everybody gets to do that in a lifetime, that’s for sure! The Charcos De Los Militares, Ciguapa Falls and 27 Charcos De Damajagua will all offer you the best canyoning and rappelling there is. Up for the challenge?

2. Ziplining


Source: www.godominicanrepublic.com

In the distance there was a sound of tropical birds, gushing waterfalls… and your zipline! Ziplining is the perfect activity for those looking to get a little thrill, without necessarily getting out of their comfort zone too much. From Megatrucks’ two-mile course on a private ranch to the off-the-beaten track of Yasica Adventures, ziplining is truly the best way to embrace the Dominican Republic’s views.

3. Inland Safaris

From Puerto Plata to Punta Cana, inland safaris are truly the best way to enjoy the Dominican Republic’s rural side. What’s the best thing about this activity? You get to do it your own way! Drive in all-terrain trucks to get a group feel, or drive in your own ATV or quad to go on a solo adventure! Whichever one you choose, you’ll get to take in the scenery and meet some locals along the way. We can’t decide what excites us most about this activity: riding past cattle, stopping for some fresh coconut water or discovering the island’s plantations!

4. Surfing + Kitesurfing


Source: www.godominicanrepublic.com

Have you really been to the Dominican Republic if you haven’t enjoyed some of its aquatic activities? Truly known for its wind and waves, the Dominican Republic and surfing go hand in hand. Plus, you don’t need to be an expert to join! Lessons are offered for all levels, whether you’re a pro or simply looking to try for the first time. From Cabarete to Playa Encuentro and all the way to Macao in Punta Cana, you’ll find surfing and kitesurfing activities available everywhere! 

5. Caving


Source: www.godominicanrepublic.com

Spooooky… thankfully there’s flashlights! All jokes aside, caving is a MUST if you’re traveling to the Dominican Republic. Caves in this region all started years and years ago when the first inhabitants left behind signs of their presence in numerous underground caverns found across the country. This is where they once took refuge or performed rituals (so cool!) We definitely recommend this activity if you’re looking to gain a bit more knowledge about the Dominican Republic’s history, or simply if you’re up for something out of the ordinary!

Though all these activities are great for those with adrenaline in their veins, fear not! The Dominican Republic leaves out no one! Make sure to check out the destination’s cultural, gastronomical and relaxing activities to truly get a sense of what being on a vacay is like. 

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