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The 5 Most Annoying Places to Use a Cell Phone

1 – Live Shows
Out of respect for the artist and other fans, refrain from using your cell phone at live shows! You’ll enjoy the show more and it won’t be distracting to others. If you really must film, try to limit it to once or twice during the show – and definitely excuse yourself before taking a call if you must!Source: verve231/iStock/Getty Images Plus
2 – In Bed
Cell phone use is one of the biggest “love killers” in the bedroom. For some reason, it just puts a damper on the mood. Is it the blue light?? Somehow, a book is more personal and doesn’t “kill the mood” quite as much. Besides, we all could benefit from more reading and more intimacy, right?!Source: Petri Oeschger/Moment/Getty Images
3 – In Movie Theatres
For many people, this is the biggest pet peeve of all – so much so that transgressors are now quite rare. “Tommy Texters” do still exist, though… If you must, please excuse yourself before using your phone.Source: EyeJoy/E+/Getty Images
4 – In Restaurants
This one is a lot like the bedroom – having too many people using their phones in a restaurant kills the mood! It puts a damper on conversation and makes the vibe really awkward. If you really must show off your appetizing dish on the ‘gram… At least wait until after the meal to post the pic!Source: EmirMemedovski/E+/Getty Images
5 – During Conversations
This is one of the most-often cited annoyances… We use our phones as a crutch during conversation to search for things… Sometimes, we simply can’t stop looking at the screen even when a conversation is starting. If you can break that habit, it’s sure to improve your conversational abilities!Source: Petri Oeschger/Moment/Getty Images
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