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Wedding Planners Reveal 7 Signs a Marriage is Doomed

One Partner does All the Work
This is a bad sign in any aspect of the relationship, but wedding planners get to see it firsthand. Down the road, it can often spell the end. It usually means one person doesn’t care.Source: Eva-Katalin/E+/Getty Images
The Wedding Planner is Used as a Therapist
This one is a dead giveaway: if one half of the couple is using the wedding planner as an outlet or asking them for help fixing their relationship problems, that is a very bad sign… Not only are there problems, but clearly this person doesn’t realize that a wedding planner is not the same as a therapist!Source: Eva-Katalin/E+/Getty Images
They Can’t Agree on a Budget
If one partner is on a completely different page when it comes to budget, it can indicate underlying money issues. Couples who can’t see eye-to-eye on money often end up splitting.Source: marchmeena29/iStock / Getty Images Plus
They are Marrying for their Families
A good wedding planner will usually be able to tell – if a couple is getting married only to please their families and not because THEY want to, it often means they won’t be happy together.Source: KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock / Getty Images Plus
They Don’t Respect Each Other
Things like putting each other down, ridiculing the other person’s preferences or fighting with strong words can reveal that deep down, the couple doesn’t actually get along…Source: SolStock/E+/Getty Images
One Person is a Control Freak
Weddings are, by definition, a team effort. If one partner doesn’t let the other into the decision-making process, it’s usually a very bad sign!Source: kokouu/E+/Getty Images
There are Family Disputes
If one either the bride or groom doesn’t get along with their in-laws, it’s a bad sign! Disagreements are one thing, but fighting is often a sign that things could get worse for the couple in the future.Source: Motortion/iStock / Getty Images Plus
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