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8 Coffee Hacks you Need to Know

Coffee Cubes
Add some frozen coffee cubes to your milk for a delicious, refreshing drink. Recycle your old coffee to make cubes with, to avoid waste!Source: Burak Karademir / Moment / Getty Images
Using butter instead of milk is a delicious alternative! Use unsalted, grass-fed butter to make it healthier.Source: TanyaJoy / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Another add-on to coffee grounds: spices! Add cinnamon, pumpkin pie blend, or any other spice to your ground coffee before brewing for DIY flavoured coffee.Source: Barcin / E+ / Getty Images
Coconut Espresso
Pouring espresso shots into a freshly cut coconut… Sounds delicious! Now, to get our hands on a coconut…Source: vichie81 / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Add a small amount of salt (just a pinch does the trick) to coffee grounds before brewing to reduce the bitterness. Who knew?!Source: by Marion C. Haßold, / Moment / Getty Images
Preheating the Mug
Preheat your mug by placing it near the coffee pot or by filling it with hot water while your coffee brews. Your coffee will stay hot for longer!Source: Alina Rosanova / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Coffee + Citrus = A Bigger Buzz!
Eat citrus along with coffee to keep the buzz going for longer. The two react together to keep the caffeine in your bloodstream for longer.Source: TARIK KIZILKAYA / E+ / Getty Images
Cold Brewing
Cold brewing coffee is easy: all you have to do is soak ground beans in water overnight, and strain them out in the morning! Coffee brewed this way is much less acidic than hot brew. Heat it up on the stove if you like it hot, and it’ll stay just as delicious!Source: hsyncoban / E+ / Getty Images
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