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Household hacks that will make your inventory last longer

Household hacks that will make your inventory last longer
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I disliked doing the groceries and errands before Covid-19. Now shopping trips take longer and supplies are often low. Here are a couple of household hacks that will make your inventory last longer.

We’re buying in larger quantities and less frequently these days. That is a problem for fresh produce.  To help extend the life of veggies and fruit, put a clean, dry sponge into the crisper drawer. The sponge soaks up moisture and produce stays fresh and crisp longer.

To keep bananas from browning too quickly, wrap the stems in some plastic wrap. Slice off a banana when you want one while keeping the top of all the stems covered. This slows the ethylene gas, produced when bananas ripen. The other parts of the fruit won’t prematurely ripen due to exposure.

Lettuce or leafy goods? Store them in a plastic bag or sealed containers with a paper towel.

Didn’t finish your guac? Go ahead and put it back in the fridge. Don’t worry about it browning. Just add a thin layer of lukewarm water to the top. It will protect the avocado from browning due to oxygen.   

Turn your cottage cheese upside down. It will last longer than when it’s stored right side up.

You can freeze milk. And coffee cream, butter, cheese, sour cream, and yogurt.

This is a cool hack for disposable razors. After use, shake off the excess water and then dip in rubbing alcohol. Store it somewhere dry. This simple trick staves off rusting and prolongs its use. 

Are you going through lots of shampoo and laundry soap? Try cutting down on shampoo, conditioner, and detergent by 25%. Experts say we won’t notice a difference and we’ll prolong our stash of supplies.

It’s been hard to get paper products. Paper towels have been a luxury and don’t get me started on the TP. So, why not bust out those cloth napkins that you only use on holidays? Keep your precious paper napkins for other uses while making every dinner time more celebratory.

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