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Are these the most annoying arguments couples have?

Are these the most annoying arguments couples have?
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It seems every day there’s a new study that surveyed thousands of couples and asked them intimate questions about their relationship. More often than not, these studies tend to publish results that anyone who’s been a relationship should already know. This new study however surprised us with its results…

The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Panera Bread found that the average couple argues 156 times every year over where to order for dinner.

That’s right, most couples argue most about food.

The study which surveyed 2,000 people in a relationship, revealed the typical couple gets into an argument three times a week over just where to eat. Even more surprising is that it takes the average couple 17 minutes of deliberation to finally decide while 16% will take half an hour or more.

Here is the list of the eight things couples argue about the most:

1.  What to eat for meals.

2.  What time to leave home for something.

3.  How long it takes one or both to get ready.

4.  How much time to spend with extended family.

5.  Which movies or TV show to watch.

6.  Alarm clock sounds and timing.

7.  Bedtime.

8.  Holiday plans.


And here is a list of the top difficult aspects of ordering dinner with a partner:

Where to order from 37%

What to order from the menu 35%

Who is going to pick it up 32%

How much food to get 30%

Will we share 12%


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