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Montreal teachers secretly test classroom ventilation as nearly 2000 schools report at least one COVID-19 case

Montreal teachers secretly test classroom ventilation as nearly 2000 schools report at least one COVID-19 case
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Earlier today, The Canadian Press reported that a group of doctors and scientists secretly tested the ventilation in several classrooms in Montreal schools in an attempt to determine how easily COVID-19 can spread in the premises. The results are alarming, to say the least.

A total of twelve teachers was asked to test the air in twenty-five classrooms in Montreal-area schools using machines referred to as CO2Meter and CO2Mini.

According to the results, three out of four classes tested poorly with CO2 levels exceeding the acceptable level of 700 to 800 ppm.

In some classrooms, the level reached more than 2,100 PPM, the authors say.

“Imagine the scale of the situation if we tested the classes assiduously with real experts,'' said internist Marie-Michelle Bellon. “With the freezing cold that will soon make it impossible to open windows, we are worried that schools will fuel the pandemic even more.”

Meanwhile, Quebec solidaire (QS) spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois added that the study proves in order to stop the spread of the virus, schools should be equipped with portable air purifiers as soon as possible.

Last spring, members of COVID-STOP asked the government to make masks mandatory in indoor spaces, including schools. The group says Premier François Legault is ignoring science by allowing CO2 levels of 1,100 PPM in some classrooms.

1,999 schools in Quebec have at least one positive COVID-19 case

The news comes the day the Quebec government is reporting a total of 1,999 schools across the province have at least one positive COVID-19 case. There are currently 3,438 active cases in the province, 2,793 active cases among students, and 645 among staff members.

The numbers unveiled by the province’s education board consist of pre-school, elementary, high school, and trade schools throughout Quebec.

Since the start of the school year, there have been 10,434 cases reported in schools. As a result, 1,139 classes have been cancelled across the province since the beginning of September.

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