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The top 10 high-tech features people want in their home

The top 10 high-tech features people want in their home
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Have you ever sat down and watched a sci-fi movie like Steven Spielberg’s A.I. and started to think about what sort of high-tech features you would want in your home? 

Well, as technology advances, homeowners are enjoying many features that once seemed impossible. It was just ten years ago, for example, that things such as Airbnb, Tesla, the iPad, and Bitcoin didn’t exist. The fact is, technology is transforming the way we live, including how we work and how we socialize. 

In thinking of what future homes might look like, The Sun recently conducted a poll asking people to name the high-tech features they'd love to have in their house, even if they're not yet possible. 


According to the poll, the top high-tech features people asked for are:

1.  Windows that tint automatically.  So, you don't have to use shades.

2.  A smart heating system that adjusts automatically depending on how you use the room, and whether you're in it.

3.  Soundproof walls.

4.  Lights that adjust automatically depending on the time of day.

5.  Door locks that use your fingerprint.

6.  A garage that charges your electric car just by parking on a giant pad.

7.  An oven that allows different shelves to be at different temperatures at the same time.

8.  A fridge that automatically orders things when you're running out.

9.  Showerheads with built-in Bluetooth that lets you make phone calls.

10.  A hologram assistant that reminds you to do stuff.

If your home isn’t already equipped with the items listed above, don’t be surprised if one day it will be. 

For more on this topic, Cat and Claudia recently asked our listeners what they would want to see invented soon. Click play on the audio embedded below, to listen to the spot. Enjoy!


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