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Cat and Claudia’s Christmas gift exchange

Cat and Claudia’s Christmas gift exchange

Ah… the inevitable gift-giving season that comes around every year.

Each Christmas, millions of people find themselves participating in gift exchanges that they don’t really want anything to do with. They wind up spending money on gifts for people that they don’t have a close relationship with and sometimes, they’re guilted into it by their managers and colleagues at work.

Fortunately, that can’t be said for Cat Spencer and Claudia Marques who seem to love buying each other gifts every year! And who can blame them since both Cat and Claudia are such amazing people to spend time with.

This year, Cat and Claudia decided to open their gifts live on air while trying to guess what each other bought. In case you missed it, we’ve embedded the audio below for your listening enjoyment.

Take a listen to the spot below— and from everyone here at The Beat 92.5, we wish you a happy holiday!



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