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Research says these are the ten most attractive languages

Research says these are the ten most attractive languages
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There are more than 6,000 languages in the world with countless regional dialects, accents, and colloquialisms, and each is beautiful in its own unique way. But what is the most attractive language of them all, and how would anyone be able to decipher the answer?

They say, there is no language like the language of love, but I say, there is no aphrodisiac quite like a foreign language. And most people can’t resist the melodic sound of a sexy accent.

Of course, not everyone will agree on which they find the most attractive, whether it be the smooth romance of French or the upscale pronunciation of the Queen’s English. Obviously, everyone has different tastes but researchers behind a new study did brainstorm a method to let science determine what the most attractive language is. According to a new study, it's the one that gets your heart beating the fastest.

To find out which language did just that, researchers fitted participants with monitors to measure their heartbeats as they listened to flirtatious conversations in various languages from around the globe. According to the results, the group's resting average of 65 beats per minute (bpm), and the following ten languages registered the fastest heartbeat.

Hindi | 75 bpm

Korean | 76 bpm

Chinese | 76 bpm

Polish | 76

Spanish | 77

Greek | 77

Russian | 77

French | 77

Portuguese | 78

Italian | 80

So, there you have it. If you’re thinking of learning another language, you might want to try one of those.


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