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Mark Wahlberg stuns fans with 2:30 am workout

Mark Wahlberg stuns fans with 2:30 am workout
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Mark Wahlberg has once again shown fans his dedication to fitness by taking part in a 2.30 am workout.

The buffed-up actor previously shared with his social medial followers how he wakes up in the middle of the night to begin his intense day, eating his first meal at 3:15 am before working out and having a post-workout meal two hours later.

Mark's now reminded people how hardcore he is, by posting a video of his 2:30 am Power Plate session to his 16 million Instagram followers.

"2:30am club for 2021! Power plate pro 7 @powerplateusa @f45_training @bstrongtraining @performinspired," he wrote alongside the clip.

In the video, the 49-year-old went into more detail.

"Alright, can't wait for F45 to open back up in LA, in the meantime, it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm hitting it on my Power Plate Pro 7," he said to the camera. "I'll a warm-up, I'm preparing fast to work out. It doesn't matter if it's a simple movement or a complex movement, you can absolutely take it to another level.

"Recovery is an absolute must, and if you want to take it to another level, add the B Strong straps, the blood flow resistance. You want to retain muscle, like an old guy like me, or build new muscle like I'm trying to do, you're getting results to aspire to be better. I'll see you tomorrow at 2.30 am!"

The Fighter actor's pal Mario Lopez was quick to comment.

"Whoa. My guy... When we taking a nap?!" he wrote, to which Mark's wife Rhea Durham joked: "What's a Nap?!?"


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