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Quebec COVID-19 cases have surpassed the quarter-million mark

Quebec COVID-19 cases have surpassed the quarter-million mark
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Quebec added 1,631 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, increasing the provincial total to 250,491.

The province also reported 88 new deaths, 18 of which occurred in the last 24 hours.

In total, Quebec has 9,361 virus-related deaths.

Montreal was the most affected region, reporting 681 new cases, an increase of 679 since Thursday. Since March, Montreal has reported a total of 89,607 infections.  

On Thursday afternoon, Premier François Legault warned Quebecers that if COVID-19 hospitalizations do not decrease, Quebec's current lockdown measures could be extended.

"I want to be very clear today. Even if the number of cases is decreasing, as long as the number of hospitalizations is going to be that high, we cannot think, in the coming weeks, that we will reopen everything and that we will be able to allow contacts," said Legault in a press conference.

This phase of lockdown is currently set to end on February 8.


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