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Paris Hilton regrets bleaching eyebrows for Vogue shoot

Paris Hilton regrets bleaching eyebrows for Vogue shoot
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Paris Hilton regrets bleaching her eyebrows for a Vogue photoshoot.

The businesswoman and DJ described her biggest beauty nightmare during a recent episode of her This is Paris podcast and confessed that she was persuaded to undergo the eyebrow transformation by the team on set, but wasn't impressed with the dramatic results.

"They made me bleach my eyebrows once. We were doing this Vogue shoot. They were like, 'This is so high-fashion. We're going to bleach your eyebrows white. That's going to look beyond,'" she explained, adding that she didn't like the new look, but felt she had to go through with the shoot as a "huge photographer" was taking the pictures for the fashion publication.

"I felt bad. I'm like, 'Okay, fine.' I literally looked like an alien with like the biggest forehead in the world. I looked terrible," Paris lamented, before confessing that it took her a long time for her eyebrows to get back to normal.

"I had to figure out how to get my eyebrows back to normal. I'm dyeing them and they're turning orange. Then they're red. Then they're black. And I'm like, okay, this is literally the biggest nightmare of my life," Paris recalled.

She then joked that "eventually they faded and I could go in public with normal eyebrows again."


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