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The Sleep Divorce

The Sleep Divorce

Do you have a hard time getting a goodnight's sleep, due to your partner keeping you awake with snoring, getting up frequently, stealing the covers, or just always moving around during their sleep? This is a perfectly common issue with couples and more and more people are resulting in sleep divorce.

What is a sleep divorce? A "sleep divorce" is a perfect solution for couples who cannot sleep in the same bed because they interrupt each other’s nightly rest. Many couples have discovered that not only does it help their sleep but also their relationship. Source

Tips before deciding to sleep apart:

  • Talk about why you want to sleep apart.
  • Make a schedule that some nights you can cuddle together.
  • Be sure both parties are happy with the sleep divorce.
  • Don't lose intimacy, with each other.

Getting a good night's sleep is very important to both your mental and physical health. If this is causing you to stress in your relationship it could be a good idea to talk to others about it, you would be surprised how many couples go through the same thing.

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