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Ellen DeGeneres living with Courteney Cox after selling up in Beverly Hills

Ellen DeGeneres living with Courteney Cox after selling up in Beverly Hills
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Ellen DeGeneres has found a new housemate in Courteney Cox after selling her Beverly Hills pad.

The comic was left without a home base close to the studio where she films her daily The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Cox was kind enough to offer her a place to stay while she and her wife Portia De Rossi look for a new property.

Ellen made the reveal when Courteney stopped by her show as a guest on Thursday, stating: "The world knows our first guest from a little show called Friends, but currently I just know her as my landlord."

Cox corrected her: "I don’t consider me a landlord. I consider myself your roommate."

Ellen then cleared up some speculation that her marriage was in a rough patch: "I'm not having marital troubles... I’m not living with Courteney Cox because I’m kicked out of my house."

She explained: "We sold our house here in Beverly Hills and I needed a place to stay and you were kind enough to say, ‘Yes, stay at my house'."

Although happy with the arrangement, Cox admitted she was nervous about living with Ellen.

"You're my style guru, so I was nervous about you staying there, being that I haven't redone it. I haven't been there in a year," she confessed, recalling: "I had it cleaned. I moved everything off of the right side of the bathroom, so you'd have your space in the drawers. I was just really ready for you."

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