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Britney Spears and Jamie Foxx joke about frustrations with long Zara queues

Britney Spears and Jamie Foxx joke about frustrations with long Zara queues
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Britney Spears and Jamie Foxx have joked about their annoyance with the long queues at Zara boutiques.

Last month, the Oscar-winning actor took to Instagram to share a hilarious video clip of himself walking around in a blue caftan, and demonstrated how he is always tempted to do a set of lunges when waiting to buy something at the high-street retailer.

"I wore this to work because I had it on all night last night. I was at (shopping mall) The Grove last night with this on - very sure of myself," he stated to the camera, before noting that he "didn't buy nothing" during the trip. "I just did lunges. I just came through that b**tch like this right past the mother f**king cash register. Like, I don't need yo s**t."

The clip racked up over one million views, but it only caught Britney's attention on Wednesday, when she re-posted it to her own Instagram page and revealed that she also gets frustrated with standing in queues at the fashion store.

"Sorry but @zara is where I do a lot of my shopping and I saw this the day I got back from the mall!!!" she wrote in the caption. "I swear to God all I want to do every time I go in there is run around the cash register waiting in line ... so OF COURSE @iamjamiefoxx feels the same way with his lunges!!!!! PS holy c**p he's funny."

Britney's post also attracted thousands of comments, with many of her fans questioning why she isn't bumped up to the front of the queue.

"WHO is making you wait in line? I need to speak to the manager," one follower wrote, while another added: "There's NO WAY Brit is in line at Zara."

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