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Engagement rings are OUT and engagement watches are IN

Engagement rings are OUT and engagement watches are IN
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Over the course of time, it has been known that the tradition of weddings, marriages (and relationships in general) have evolved. But, one trend that has come about in recent years has many of us asking questions...

According to Today.com, engagement watches have been the hottest trend for young couples when it comes to proposing to their significant other. In an interview with Katie Brownstein, the director of marketing at a wedding company, she shared that this new trend has been around for many years but has become more common since the beginning of 2020.

“Engagement watches have also become a nice alternative option for same-sex couples who are looking for a unique way to show their commitment to each other or for women who want to pop the question to their boyfriends.”

While engagement rings represent a symbol of commitment and togetherness within a couple, the interest in purchasing watches as a sign of love are just as valuable for many couples. 

Perhaps even more telling of the time spent together…

Is this something that you would consider/accept for a proposal? 

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