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How this Montrealer turned her love for One Direction into a small business

How this Montrealer turned her love for One Direction into a small business
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Ever thought about turning your love for a band or musician into a career? Seems pretty far-fetched, right? Not for this Montrealer...

From a young teen falling in love with Harry Styles’ luscious long locks, to sharing her fan art with other “Directioners” on TikTok… Lindsay Coll, owner of LindsayKDoodles, turned her small business dreams into a reality by creating her own One Direction-inspired colouring books.

What started out as a hobby in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lindsay was quick to act on her feet once she realized how much other fans admired her 1D fan art videos on TikTok and decided to embark on her small business journey.


I’m making a ##onedirection colouring book! Let me know what pics you want to see in it & follow to know when it goes on sale! ##larry ##1d ##harrystyles

♬ 1D Solo Bois - Tortilla🔥

We got in touch with Lindsay and were able to ask her a few questions on LindsayKDoodles and how it all started:

How did LindsayKDoodles all begin?

LindsayKDoodles was born out of pure boredom! Like many of us, I found myself unemployed and stuck at home during 2020, and I needed to find a creative outlet. I invested in an iPad, took photos of my plants and started to trace them. It was extremely therapeutic! Once I'd finished with my plants, I moved onto creating art based on photos of something else I love: One Direction! From there, I saw an opportunity to grow my business. 

What is it about One Direction that you love most? 

Now that the band has been on "hiatus" for 6 years, I have to hold on to the things I loved about them back then. I don't sit around and listen to One Direction all the time anymore - rather, what I love about the band is the comfort that they bring me. The nostalgia! Watching live performances, interacting with other fans, and re-watching old interviews brings a simple kind of joy to my heart. Takes me right back to 2012. The boys were young and carefree in those days, and so was I! 

How has social media contributed to your success as a small business owner? 

The digital space is so interesting. As a content creator, it's so important to understand the platforms you use online. Thankfully, I work in social media for a living, so I have a good idea of what works - and what doesn't. But even then, trends change constantly. What I will say though, which I find interesting both as a viewer and a creator, is that it's proven really important for me to let my guard down on my social media platforms. People love authenticity. Show your struggles, show your mistakes. Instagram is so often a highlight reel of peoples' lives - so it's a nice feeling when a creator is honest with their followers. Once your followers get to know YOU - the success of your business will follow. They will want to support YOU by supporting your business. 

How has being a One Direction fan on social media helped legitimize your business? 

I don't think I would've been able to have the success that I've had... Without the support of the One Direction fans. When I started to post on TikTok, I was quickly pushed by the algorithm onto the For You Pages of One Direction fans - who were anxious to see my upcoming projects. I immediately felt connected to strangers because of our shared love for the band. It transformed my business from a regular art account to a shop that caters specifically to this fandom. I understood them, and they could see that. They knew I wasn't a poser - it was clear that I was an OG One Direction fan. Plus! Back in July of 2020, the fandom celebrated 10 years of One Direction (they were formed on July 23 of 2010), so the 1D hype on Tiktok was real. It was the perfect time to start a business. 

In your opinion, do you think your business would be as successful if you weren't as well informed on the band and its fandom? 

I couldn't have done it without being a superfan. Because of my knowledge and understanding of the band (and of the fandom), I knew just how to connect with my buyers. I wanted to provide an authentic product - for the fans, by the fans. A project like this one could easily be cringy and out-of-touch if not done properly. So, from the start, it was a team effort: I asked fans on TikTok what their budget was, what content they wanted me to include in the book... Once it was finally on sale, they felt like they were a part of the process. It was important for me to be transparent, and I think that really made other fans trust and admire me as a business owner. 

What are some projects you're planning on doing in the future? 

My best-seller and most exciting project was my One Direction colouring book. I got such a positive response from the fandom - and seeing people colouring in the pages was really gratifying. I would love to dip my toe into another fandom and see where that could lead. Maybe a Miley Cyrus-inspired or a Taylor Swift-inspired book? Would it be crazy to make a Post Malone colouring book?

Not a One Direction fan? She makes custom portraits too!

To learn more about LindsayKDoodles, you can find her on Instagram, on TikTok, or by visiting her website here.

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