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We now know the average age women feel most comfortable in their skin

We now know the average age women feel most comfortable in their skin
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For women worried about aging, there’s at least one benefit to getting older — more confidence.

According to a new survey, women aged 30 and up tend to be more confident as they age. In fact, it was revealed that two-thirds (63%) believe the older they are, the more confident they’ll be.

In addition, 63% said this is a result of caring less about what others think — with the average woman feeling most comfortable in her skin at age 32.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements, the study also found that 35% of women are more likely to embrace the changes in their looks as they grow older. However, when looking in the mirror, the average woman only likes what she sees 39% of the time stating that they are most self-conscious about, their skin (46%) and their teeth (45%), followed closely by their hair (44%).

“The effects of stress can manifest mentally and physically,” said Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand, double-board certified dermatologist. “This past year, we saw an increase in those physical signs of stress, including hair loss and thinning. With stress-induced hair loss affecting so many women, Viviscal is dedicated to enabling women to reclaim their hair.”

Here are the reasons why women are more confident as they age:

  • Care less about what others think 63%
  • Feel more settled in life 45%
  • More likely to embrace changes in their looks 35%
  • More support from friends or family 26%
  • Know they’re good at their job 25%


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