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Sandra Bernhard reflects on former friendship with Madonna

Sandra Bernhard reflects on former friendship with Madonna
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Sandra Bernhard has shared some insight into her former friendship with Madonna.

During an interview with the Hot Takes & Deep Dives podcast, the 66-year-old actress opened up about her friendship with the Like A Virgin singer during the '80s and early '90s until their falling out in 1992.

"I didn't really like that level of visibility and having to work it constantly," she said, choosing not to address exactly what caused the two to break off their longtime friendship. "We all as performers work it to a certain degree, but I'm a very improvisational person, on stage and in my life, and I don't like being tied down in having to be a certain way for my image."

Bernhard said that when she was close to the Grammy winner, who was at the height of her career, she tried to emphasise that she was "really" her friend and "not just somebody that's passing through".

"And I guess for a while we had a real friendship, but it's hard for somebody like her," she continued. "She doesn't really want somebody around who reflects too much of who she is. Therefore, her relationships just don't last."


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