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Paris Hilton to play DJ set on New Year's Eve

Paris Hilton to play DJ set on New Year's Eve
/ Cover Media

Paris Hilton will ring in 2022 by playing a DJ set on her virtual island on the Roblox gaming platform.

The socialite and entrepreneur has created an online virtual island, dubbed Paris World, on the platform and her fans can virtually stop by on Friday night to watch her play a DJ set to celebrate New Year's Eve.

"For me, the metaverse is somewhere that you can do everything you can do in real life in the digital world," said Hilton in a statement to Reuters, referring to the virtual world. "Not everybody gets to experience that, so that's what we've been working together on over the past year -- giving them all my inspirations of what I want in that world."

Visitors to Paris World are able to check out digital replicas of her Beverly Hills mansion and its extravagant dog house, saunter down a boardwalk inspired by her neon carnival wedding celebration and explore the island using a luxury sports car or yacht. While the game is free, users can purchase virtual clothing or a virtual jet-ski ride.

The 40-year-old is currently finishing up her honeymoon with her husband Carter Reum following their wedding on 11 November. She went viral this week when she responded to a fan asking if she had seen the new film House of Gucci.

"I want to watch it. But it's only playing in Movie theatres and I'm on my honeymoon on a private island," she tweeted in reply.

On Wednesday, she shared snaps of them in London and gushed about their globe-trotting trip, writing, "Traveling the world with you for our Honeymoon over the past weeks has been a dream come true. I'm so grateful to be married to my best friend. I can't wait to experience this next chapter as your wife and all the new memories that await us both. #HiltonReumForever."


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