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Snoop Dogg thanks couple for finding missing dog

Snoop Dogg thanks couple for finding missing dog
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Snoop Dogg has thanked a "lovely couple" for reuniting him with his lost pet.

Earlier this week, the rapper took to Instagram to ask fans to help him find his grey French Bulldog, named Frank, who went missing on 30 January in south Los Angeles.

On Tuesday, Snoop returned to the platform and posted a video in which he praised the pair who found the pooch.

"Yo, I wanna thank y'all for returning the dog back to us," he said. "We appreciate that. Frank made his way back home. We appreciate all the love and support we had on Instagram to get the dog back."

Snoop went on to offer a reward to the couple who located Frank and returned him to his very grateful owner.

"To the lovely couple that brought the dog back: I got some gifts for y'all for looking out," the 50-year-old smiled.

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