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Cinemas and concert halls set to reopen today in Quebec

Cinemas and concert halls set to reopen today in Quebec
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The Quebec government announced late last month their deconfinement plan for the province of Quebec. 

With restaurants and sports being permitted to re-open last week, today (February 7th) the Quebec government will be relaxing more COVID-19 measures.

Here is a list of the COVID-19 measures that are being lifted today in Quebec:

Cinemas, concert halls, and indoor events:

  • Cinemas can operate at 50 per cent capacity or a maximum of 500 people.
  • Drive-in theatres can operate with cars parked a minimum of one metre apart and a maximum of 5,000 people per show.
  • Concert halls and indoor event venues can operate at 50 per cent capacity, whereas outdoor events can operate with a 1,000 person capacity. Proof of vaccination required.

Places of worship and funerals:

  • Places of worship will be permitted to operate with a 50 per cent capacity and a maximum of 250 people. Proof of vaccination required.
  • Funerals are permitted with a maximum of 50 people. No proof of vaccination is required.

More restrictions are set to be lifted as of Monday, February 14th. 

For more information on COVID-19 in the province, visit the Quebec government website here.

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