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Being more agreeable makes life 93% easier, study shows

Being more agreeable makes life 93% easier, study shows
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Looking to remove some of life’s daily stresses? This study shows being more agreeable can help make life that much easier.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas and University of Minnesota reviewed statistics from 4,000 different studies to find out if being agreeable actually has its benefits.

After reviewing the studies that looked over 275 different life variables (like salaries and relationships), they found that being agreeable can make your life that much easier, over choosing to disagree with certain situations.

While this, of course, is a blanket statement, the research found that choosing to be cooperative will leave a positive impact on your life… At least 93% of the time anyway.

So, before you choose to be complicated by being uncooperative in the next life scenario that comes your way, be mindful that being more agreeable with the scenario might do you more good than not.

That being said, always remember to stand your ground when things do not work in your favor… After all, life is all about balance!

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