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The ultimate guide to spring cleaning your home this season

The ultimate guide to spring cleaning your home this season
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Spring has (almost) officially sprung in Montreal!

This new season brings on new ideas and tasks that we all wish to complete. Everything from joining a gym, buying new clothes, packing away your winter boots, and of course, spring cleaning.

Nothing feels more satisfying than having those extra hours of sunshine… But, when it comes to organized drawers and closets? That’s the fresh new start to a season we all know and love!

Here are a few spring cleaning tips that you can apply to your spring cleaning routine:

Wash your interior and exterior doormats: Make sure to vacuum and hose down your door mats, leaving them outside to dry. The amount of wet boots and shoes that pass over them might surprise (and gross) you!

Wash your windows and doors: Grab a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner and wash those dirty windows and doors! Experts recommend doing your washing on a day with overcast, as sunlight can add streak marks.

Clean your microwave, safely: While we may want to run to our nearest disinfectant spray, you do not want to mix toxic chemicals in a place that cooks your food. We recommend taking a microwavable bowl filled with 1 cup of water and chopped lemon with several tablespoons of vinegar. Microwave the bowl for 5 minutes and let it sit for 1-2 minutes to let it cool down. Grab a cloth or sponge and start to wipe the microwave walls to get out all of the splattered food.

Clean out the fridge: Take out those doors and drawers from your fridge and give them a thorough wash. This also includes washing the other surfaces you cannot remove in the fridge.

Organize your junk drawer: We all have that one drawer that doesn’t really have a useful purpose outside of holding random items. Take the time in your spring cleaning process to organize those drawers and ditch whatever you’re not using!

Clean out your makeup drawer: Time to ditch any makeup that no longer is wearable… Check out the expiration date on the package or by searching it online! You’ll also want to take the time to wash all of your used brushes and clean up any leftover bronzer residue you might have left behind. 

Vacuum and wash your couches: Pull them away from the walls and vacuum everything in and around it! The smallest of crumbs can be found all over your beloved couch… Which means you might want to wash it too!

Dust your ceiling fixtures: Grab your trusty extendable Swiffer and dust away your ceiling fans and chandeliers!

Go through your closet: Now that the winter season is coming to an end, time to ditch your bulky sweaters and pull out your lighter and spring-ier clothes! Organize a pile of clothes that you no longer wear and donate or sell them… To give them a new home!

Wash your pillow covers and comforters: While this should be done more often than what we think, take the time to clean and wash your bedding! After a long day of cleaning, you’ll be thrilled to be able to snuggle up into a fresh clean bed.

While there are so many more areas around the house that you’ll want to tackle, here is a quick list of recommendations that we hope helps inspire you to tackle your spring cleaning duties.

Happy cleaning!

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