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Can you define these Gen Z slang words correctly?

Can you define these Gen Z slang words correctly?
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When it comes to Gen Z slang, how well-versed are you?

Whether you have teenagers living at home or work alongside younger peers, keeping up with the latest lingo isn’t always the easiest thing to comprehend… No cap!

If you believe this applies to you: Accepting it is the first step, and the second step is having Urban Dictionary handy at all times.

That being said, truthfully there shouldn’t be any shame in not knowing what the newest and latest terms are, as these things come and go every generation. But, if you’re looking for a fun way to impress your younger peers, here’s a quick breakdown of the most common slang words used by Gen Z Canadians:

  • Flex: showing off in a non-humble way.
  • Glow Up: physical transformation for the better.
  • No Cap: convey authenticity and truth.
  • Mid: used to insult an opposing opinion, referring to it as average.
  • Sus: short form for suspicious.
  • Bussin’: when something is really good.
  • Extra Fire: beyond amazing.
  • Ded: when you are figuratively dead; commonly used after a joke.
  • Cheugy: either outdated or when someone is trying too hard; often referred to in relation to millennials.
  • Lowkey: to do something secretly or discretely.
  • Bet: an alternative way to say ‘alright’ or ‘okay’.

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