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Here’s what women love doing most on weekends - study

Here’s what women love doing most on weekends - study
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How do you like spending your weekends?

Whether it be curled up on the couch, out and about in nature, or in the kitchen with your loved ones… We all have our preferred ways to kick back and relax during our time off.

But, when it comes to men and women, researchers from the Journal of Economic Psychology wanted to know exactly what women loved to do most when they are not at work.

According to their study, they found that the average woman would consider the following to be the absolute perfect weekend:

  • 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep;
  • 106 minutes of intimate relations with their partner;
  • 98 minutes on the computer/socializing time;
  • 78 minutes of relaxing;
  • 56 minutes of shopping;
  • 57 minutes of talking on the phone;
  • 68 minutes of exercise.

Would you agree with their final outcome?

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