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Montreal schools facing major school bus shortage

Montreal schools facing major school bus shortage
Caroline Purser / The Image Bank / Getty Images

There has been a huge shortage of school bus drivers in the Montreal area, and it doesn’t look like the situation will be fixed any time soon…

Parents over the past few weeks have been forced to figure out other routes to make sure their kids arrive at school on time, as there has been a major shortage of bus drivers.

In some cases, parents have only been informed as little as a few hours ahead of time that there will be no method of transportation on that given day. While some buses simply don’t show up at all.

According to Lester B. Pearson School Board’s assistant director general, Carol Heffernan, “On a daily basis we notice we’re missing two or three of those bus drivers, so that means there are probably about 100, 150 that are not going to be able to get to school.”

The reason behind the lack of drivers is assumed to be due to the early morning shifts and the $18 - $20 hourly salaries. While there may be drivers applying for the job, many lose interest fast.

For the meantime, please be kind to your drivers, and please be patient.

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