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The Guide for Living in a Big City like Montreal

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The Guide for Living in a Big City like Montreal
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Montreal, with its cheerful vibes, is one of the most liveable cities in the world. This jewel of La Belle Province is full of music, fun, traditions, career opportunities, and more. You will find the streets of Montreal adorned with clubs, bars, art, parks, and everything else to delight your senses.

Montreal has a lot to offer its residents. From vibrant lifestyles to low-cost condos for sale, Montreal is a charming place to live. However, stepping into uncharted territory can be a bit challenging. Here, we will help you find an apartment and also recommend some tricks to make the best of living in a big city.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to a detailed guide to living a dream life in Montreal. 

1. Find the best neighborhood for you

When it comes to moving to an entirely new place, researching a neighborhood should be your top priority. With the advancements in technology, you can now get a heads-up about your desired neighborhood. We have listed some of the vital sources to dig out neighborhood details.  While there are some places on the island of Montreal where sales remain strong, downtown is showing signs of weakness. There’s a notable increase in new listings in the city and a shrinking pool of homes for sale off-island.

I.                        Read Blogs: Blogs never censor any information. When you are making a big move, the content creators will provide you with the pros and cons of living in Montreal. 

II.                        Skim Newspapers:  A newspaper is the best friend who tells you about the neighborhood environment. Browse a section of the local newspaper to get some insight into the vicinity. 

III.                        Visit the property: It's better to be safe than sorry. Visiting a property should be your top priority when looking for condos for sale in Montreal. You can visit the property virtually. However, it is suggested you visit an apartment or rental in person to minimize the chances of any error. 

2. Cost of living

Regardless of where you're moving to, it's important to compare and consider how expensive an area is. It is relatively affordable to live in Montreal. The cost of living is comparatively low. Grocery prices in Montreal are 30% less than what you’d pay in New York.

3. Local Transportation System

Access to efficient local transportation plays a vital role in your daily commute. Not every city has a robust subway system, but Montreal is one of the lucky ones. It has an excellent metro system to reach downtown and connecting areas. There is a decent commuter train service to the outlying areas as well.  Drive time and bridge construction no longer factor into the equation for those who have made a permanent transition to working from home, so Montrealers are more free to trade in their condos for bungalows.

4. Look into selling your car

Yes, you can sell your car. Because parking, insurance, traffic, and maintenance of the car will likely burden your budget. So, why stress over these petty issues when you can avail yourself of the best taxi and Uber service in Montreal? 

5. Get in touch with local influencers 

For in-depth information, local influencers are your go-to place. You can ask them anything about any neighborhood. TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and other such platforms are great ways to connect with local influencers. 

6. Tantalize your taste buds 

Everyone deserves to taste the world’s best cuisines. Classic French, chic fusion, Peruvian-Japanese crossover, vegan dishes, inventive cocktails and tapas, and roasted duck offered in sealed cans, not to mention foie gras, are just some of the must-try cuisines. Montreal has got a knack for seducing food lovers. 

7. Find the locals online

You can always join different Facebook groups and Quora threads to meet with locals. It will give you a platform to connect with locals and team up with them. There’s no better way to make a fresh start with a new group of friends.

8. Consider living with roommates

Sometimes expenses exceed our earnings. In that case, you can reduce the financial pressures by sharing the space. And bonus! You can also get a new circle of friends to team up with. 

9. Work on a savings strategy

Prepare a vital strategy that aligns your lifestyle with your income. Living in Montreal is quite inexpensive, however, in order to save some extra bucks you must rethink how to arrange things accordingly. 

10. Keep an eye out for new activities and hobbies

To avoid becoming a victim of boredom, you need to plan new activities and hobbies in a new place. Life in Montreal is thriving and fun-filled. You would find a lot of “things to do in Montreal”. Music, dance, arts, circus, and tons of other festivals are always on the calendar. 

11. Organize your routine

You may feel overwhelmed when moving to a new city. You can always account for your time by prioritizing tasks.  

12. Redefine Quality of life for yourself

Quality of life is a common term. Most people relocate to improve their quality of life. However, keep in mind the budget, income, and expenses. Your income should support the idea of “Quality of life”.

13. Adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle

You may feel anxious by the fast-paced lifestyle in Montreal. Make sure to schedule “Me time” to take a quiet walk in a park, watch a movie on Netflix by yourself, or take up a yoga class.

14. Embrace the Changes

Your expectations might not be fulfilled. Keep in mind that lifestyles are different everywhere. Thus, adapt to new changes and learn to go with the flow. 

Choosing the right home for you

Since you have decided to move out, it’s time to find the right home in Montreal. Here, we are steering you through a step-by-step guide to pick the best apartment or condo for you. 

1.      Pick an area: Sort through multiple areas as per your needs. Keep in mind the distance from daily needs like transportation, hospitals, banks, etc. 

2.      Prioritize things: Reconsider what’s important for you in an apartment. You should consider parking facilities, windows for ventilation, building condition, etc.

3.      Consider your affordability: It's all about what you can, not what you want. Determine a realistic rental budget beforehand. 

4.      Research the market: You can visit any real estate agent to get an idea about the market. Also, you can look for a reliable platform like Vistoo.com to learn about the Montreal property market.

5.      Compare apartments and ask the right questions: After visiting, you need to compare apartments, among other things, on value and location, lifestyle, and reputation. 

Moving to a big city like Montreal is always compatible with “Positive Change”. Keep in mind that in order to peacefully settle in Montreal, you need to find the right home for yourself. Do not fall prey to marketing gimmicks. Consider doing the research yourself and relying on trustworthy sources to find the perfect home for you. 

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