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How much should you be tipping in restaurants?

How much should you be tipping in restaurants?
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For a while now, the tipping norm in restaurants across Canada has been 15 percent. If you have an enjoyable experience and appreciate the food you are served at a restaurant, the norm is to tip at least 15 percent of your bill.

Tips given in restaurants not only go to waiters, but also to the whole staff. Waiters usually have to share the tip they receive to the hostesses, kitchen staff, managers, and sometimes, to the restaurant. 

This being said, Canadians have been recently requesting to make the new usual tipping rate in restaurants 18 percent

In the first quarter of 2022, the average tip left by Canadians in restaurants was 17.9 percent, almost 1 percent more than it was before the pandemic. In the province of Quebec, the average rate has become 18.1 percent. This increase can be explained by Canadians' desire to encourage and reconnect with their favourite restaurants, after the effects of the pandemic.

All this to say, however much you tip, make sure to always support your local restaurants!

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Source: Tyler Stableford / Stone / Getty Images

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