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Here are some of Montrealers' weirdest food combinations

Here are some of Montrealers' weirdest food combinations
Eggs and ketchup / Krit of Studio OMG / Moment / Getty Images

Have you ever wondered if others appreciate certain foods as much as you do? "Hmm, I wonder if I'm the only one who likes peanut butter in my cereal..."

One thing's for sure, we all have our particular tastes. Some foods we just aboslutely love while everyone else thinks they're so gross.

Well, we wanted to find out more. So last week, we asked Montrealers what some of their weirdest food combinations were! Here are some of the results:

Paul Taylor / Stone / Getty Images

Source: Paul Taylor / Stone / Getty Images

  1. Bacon dipper crackers, curd cheese and olives
  2. Chips and ice cream 
  3. Ketchup in poutine

Ok, this one we can't accept. How can you alter such a classic food staple?

  1. Tomato juice and pickles
  2. French fries dipped in chocolate ice cream

Hands down we would try this one! Perhaps at a next trip to McDonald's?

LauriPatterson / E+ / Getty Images

Source: LauriPatterson / E+ / Getty Images

6. Ricotta cheese and cocoa powder
7. Eggs and ketchup
8. Kraft singles cheese slices and mayonnaise

If we had to choose the weirdest food combination we've seen, it would probably be this one.
9. Crab and peanut butter

One question... where did the idea come from??

10. Peanut butter and Cheez Whiz in a sandwich

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