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This is what confuses non-montrealers about our city...

This is what confuses non-montrealers about our city...
Montreal bagels / Patrick Donovan / Moment / Getty Images

This user on TikTok went absolutely viral after revealing what confuses her the most about Montreal. As an international student, she wasn't necessarily used to certain things about our beloved bagel city.

THIS is what surprised her the most:

1. The Metro

The Metro, Montreal's popular transportation service, makes her feel like a 'baddie'. With Lady Gaga blasting in her headphones and the gushes of wind blowing her hair, nothing can stop her when she takes the metro.

2. People can be fast...

What confuses Deena the most is how fast people can be... in public transport, on the streets, she feels that people are crazy fast and that she is so slow compared to most montrealers! "I understand if it's rush hour, you got places to go, things to do, but like you'll be up at 7 o'clock in the morning doing a sunrise stroll and people are sprinting!" she says in the video.


3. The squirrels

According to Deena, Montreal squirrels have anger issues and they're all in desperate need of therapy! In the video, she even imitates how squirrels in Montreal stand, haha! It's definitely worth watching...


Would you agree with these 3 things? Is there anything else that confuses you about Montreal?

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