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Canada's #1 university is right here in Montreal!

Canada's #1 university is right here in Montreal!
McGill University Logo / Richard T Gagnon / Contributor / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Montrealers will know that McGill University is the "it" school when it comes to high learning. Think of it as the Harvard of Canada, if you will. Whether it be for its performing ranks, prestigious programs or notable campuses, McGill's reputation is high here in Montreal.

In recent news, it appears as though Montrealers aren't the only ones to admire McGill's standing. This global annual report has just ranked McGill University as the 31st best university in the world!

Adrian Wojcik / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Source: Adrian Wojcik / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Academic and employer reputation, faculty-to-student ratio and the ratio of international students and faculty were taken into consideration to attribute this score, amongst other factors. The conducters of the survey even reffered to McGill as having "competent, innovative and effective graduates."

This score ultimately places McGill University as #1 in Canada, with University of Toronto following not too far behind. The UofT scored 34th place in the world rankings. 

Way to go, Montreal! (Or McGill, we should say...)

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