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Ed Sheeran's new song 'Eyes Closed' hits you right in the feels...

Ed Sheeran's new song 'Eyes Closed' hits you right in the feels...
Ed Sheeran / Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

If you haven't heard Ed Sheeran's new song 'Eyes Closed' yet, make sure you do! The 'Perfect' singer released his most emotional song yet earlier today, addressing a hard time of grief he recently went through.

After unfortunately losing his best friend Jamal Edwards, music entrepreneur, last year, Ed Sheeran released this song with the thought of him. With lyrics that explain what it's like to lose someone and go through grief, this is one of the singer's most powerful songs yet.

"This song means the absolute world to me, it’s the start of an album I’d been overthinking for years and feel like I’ve finally made the perfect representation of where I am right now. I’m so excited for the next stage, and today marks the beginning of that. I hope this song connects with you the way it feels to me when I sing it, I really, really love it.," said Ed Sheeran in an Instagram post earlier today.

The song's music video, also released today, features a 'big blue monster' following Ed Sheeran, meant to represent how sadness follows the artist around in this time of grief.

Listen to 'Eyes Closed' by Ed Sheeran, now on The Beat 92.5!

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