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Here is your official weather forecast for the week

Here is your official weather forecast for the week
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Just when we thought mother nature was finally done with surprising us this season, she has done it once again...with more snow! The question is, will this be the final dump that Montreal can expect? Or will more flurries come our way this week?

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Source: onfilm / E+ / Getty Images

Good news, Montreal! Today through Thursday will be bringing us nothing but sunshine and good times across the city. Monday will be mainly sunny, bringing us an encouraging 6 degrees in weather (hello, light parka!) The conditions will stay similar on Tuesday, with a maximum of 3 degrees in temperature. 

On Wednesday, light rain can be expected throughout the day with 40 percent chances of precipitation. The sunshine will stay though, as we'll be expecting 5 degrees in temperature. Thursday will bring back the sunny skies with no rain to be expected and 0 degrees in temperature.

The weekend is when the weather will start getting more chilly. A mix of snow and rain will come down on the city on Friday, with a maximum of 3 degrees in temperature and 60 percent chances of precipitation. 

Not to worry though! The weather will get slightly better on Saturday with light rain only and 4 degrees in temperature. Sunday will wrap up the week with sunshine and conditions similar to Thursday.

The Weather Network

Source: The Weather Network

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