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Make sure to follow these steps to prepare for extreme cold weather

Make sure to follow these steps to prepare for extreme cold weather
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Winter is here in Montreal, and definitely isn’t leaving anytime soon. Remember the mild weather in November and December? Yeah, it won’t be like that again for a while.

While extreme cold temperatures have yet to hit the city, it's always best to be prepared for icy cold weather. You know, the kind when your eyelashes stick together?

Here are some essential steps, recommended by the Canadian government and National Weather Service, to stay safe and warm during the winter season:

Make sure to equip yourself in case there are power outages

When temperatures drop significantly, there is a boost in demand for power to maintain heating. Because of this, power shortages are inevitable. To ensure you're ready, it's important to have flashlights, extra blankets, and non-perishable food items on hand.

Elva Etienne / Getty Images

Source: Elva Etienne / Getty Images

Adjust your schedule

When possible, switch your schedule to avoid being exposed to excessively cold weather. For example, maybe workout at home instead of making your way to the gym down the street.

VioletaStoimenova / Getty Images

Source: VioletaStoimenova / Getty Images

Make sure your gas tank is filled up

In the event of an emergency, being stranded outside in your vehicle can be dangerous. To stay warm and safe, it is crucial that your gas tank is full. Also, make sure your car safety kit is winter-ready by including essential items such as: jumper cables, shovels and warm clothing.

Fahroni / Getty Images

Source: Fahroni / Getty Images

Put on extra layers of clothes

When it's cold outside, dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm and cozy. Don't forget to wear gloves, a hat and a scarf to cover your extremities and keep the heat in. If you get too hot, you can just take the layer off!

Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

Source: Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

Stay active

Running or walking will keep you warm as your body will be producing heat.

FotoDuets / Getty Images

Source: FotoDuets / Getty Images

Check on your elderly relatives

It's essential to regularly check in with your elderly relatives and ensure they have everything they need, especially during the colder months. As they may not be comfortable going outside to do groceries or run errands, it's always nice to take the initiative to help out. Consider bringing them some extra food if you're able to, to ensure they have enough provisions. 

martinedoucet / Getty Images

Source: martinedoucet / Getty Images

Listen to the weather forecast

It's always a good idea to check the latest weather updates before heading out to prepare for colder temperatures or potential wind chill warnings.

SimpleImages / Getty Images

Source: SimpleImages / Getty Images

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