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The 8 things you should never, ever vacuum!

The 8 things you should never, ever vacuum!
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With spring cleaning just around the corner, you might be whipping out the vacuum sometime soon. While vacuums are an easy fix to cleaning anything off the ground, sometimes, it's best not to use them!

For your vacuum cleaner's sake, make sure to never, ever vacuum these 8 things:

Used coffee grounds

Spilled coffee grounds are the worst to clean up...but they're also the worst for your vacuum! So unless you want clogged pipes, a ruined motor and mildew, just avoid cleaning coffee grounds with your vacuum. 

Wet foods or liquids

This one kinda goes without saying, but never vacuum wet foods or liquids! Instead, opt for a good old mop or Swiffer. 


Fireplace ash

Really take note of this one, Montreal! The particles of fireplace ash are so fine that when vacuumed, they could flow out of the pipes and into the air of your home, essentially achieving the opposite of vaccuming. So beware! 



Just did some inside gardening or planting? Don't even think about grabbing your vacuum. Wet soil could cause staining problems to your floors, and potentially ruin the motor of your vacuum. Instead, let the soil dry for a few hours and sweep it with a broom. 

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Source: Lazy_Bear / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Electrical cords

Do we really need to explain this one? 

Clumps of hair

Though we all have them lying around our house somewhere, clumps of hair should NOT be vacuumed. Why? Because they're the hardest to unclog! This goes without saying but no one wants to spend hours unclogging their vacuum full of hair. 


Shredded paper

Just like clumps of hair, shredded paper is a pain to unclog. So do you vacuum a favour, and simply avoid it! Or use a broom instead. 



Picture this...your favourite powdered blush just fell to the ground, spreading its pieces everywhere across your bathroom floor. Do you grab your vacuum to clean it up? If you answered yes...don't! The makeup could melt inside your vacuum, creating serious damage to the motor. 


There you have it, Montreal! Did any items on this list surprise you?


(Source: Reader's Digest)


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