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Spotted in NDG: Jump Bike on a Play Structure

Spotted in NDG: Jump Bike on a Play Structure

When you run out of bicycle parking... This person got creative!

Uber’s new electric Jump bikes are now available in Montreal, and one has been spotted in a very unusual place. The bike, attached to a play structure in NDG’s Benny Park, was spotted by The Beat’s own Mark Bergman. 

When it was launched this summer in Montreal, Jump almost immediately fell under criticism. The bikes, with a top speed of 32 km/h, are seen as dangerous. In addition, the requirement to attach them to a bicycle support drew the ire of cyclists who are already short on bike rack space in the city. 


Could this be a prank, or perhaps an anti-Jump protest? In other cities, people have been known to protest against Jump and other self-service vehicles by vandalizing them or throwing them into waterways, etc. 

In any case, this bike certainly gave Mark Bergman a good laugh today!


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