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The way you eat your food says a lot about your personality

The way you eat your food says a lot about your personality
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Did you know that the way you eat your food gives a clue about your personality…This might say a lot about someone you live with who has an odd eating habit that you just don’t get.

Nikki and The Morning Show share what kind of eating personality they have, Which kind of eater are you?

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Slow Eater

If you are someone who likes to savor their food during a meal, it means you live in the moment. Slow eaters are also tenacious and inflexible about their routines.

Fast Eater

People who inhale their food are great at multi-tasking and meeting deadlines. They make great partners because of their giving nature and tend to put other people before themselves without realizing their needs.


If you are an organizer eater, then you love to separate your food making sure they do not touch. Order is an aspect that is important in your life. You are very organized and tidy when it comes to all chores or duties. 


Isolationists are those who only eat one food at a time. You are someone who is task-oriented and meticulous. You are also someone who is very set in your ways and dislike going with the flow.


If you are a mixer eater means you like to take a little bit of everything that is on your plate and mix it, before your first bite. You are known to be someone open to new experiences in your life. You are outgoing and are comfortable with responsibility. Although one downfall with mixers is that they sometimes over-commit and have trouble prioritizing. 


If you are an oversharer eater means you chew your food loudly. You also slurp your soup and make other noises when eating. You are someone who doesn’t take other's opinions to heart, you are very easygoing.


If you are a preparer you are someone who cuts up all their food into pieces before you take your first bite. You are someone who is always one step ahead. Preparers are dreamers; they love to look to their future. Although one downfall to preparers; they tend to struggle with the present.

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