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Why choosing the right baby name isn't always an easy task

Why choosing the right baby name isn't always an easy task
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Choosing the right name for your child isn’t easy. And while the choices are infinite, whenever someone tries to deviate from the norm, they are often met with family members who disapprove. Just try naming your baby Sephiroth and see what sort of reaction you get. Unless your friends and family are fans of the Final Fantasy video game series, they’ll most likely think it is a terrible choice.

The same can be said for any name really. The truth is, If millions of people started naming their children Sephiroth, it would seem normal, not unlike popular names like Liam, Olivia, Noah, or Emma.

We would never tell anyone what to name their child but there are a few things to consider before you decide. For starters, the initials. If your last name begins with the letter S, you might not want to name your child Ashley Anne. And if your last name starts with the letter T, you might want to rethink calling your son Frederick Anthony, unless you think he’ll be fine with the initial F.A.T. for the rest of his life.

You might also want to consider cross-checking the name against trending celebrities. Now to be fair, we can’t see into the future and we have no idea if a celebrity will end up with a bad reputation but if your last name is Cosby, you might want to reconsider calling your son William or Bill.

And it isn’t even famous people you need to worry about either; but characters from famous novels, television shows, movies, games and so on. Alexa is a beautiful name for example, but it can also be annoying for your child when they're around Amazon’s home assistant. And Daenerys is a beautiful name but if you weren't a fan of the ending of Game of Thrones, you might regret naming your daughter after The Mother of Dragons. 

A few other popular tips on choosing the right baby name include: 

You might want to consider avoiding passing trends and don’t be afraid to give classic names a chance. Not everyone thinks classic names are boring. You might also consider taking a look at your family tree since it might inspire you and it’s also not a bad idea to honor your culture, and look up meanings behind the names you like. Finally, consider the importance of the middle name and say your baby’s name out loud to see if you like how it sounds. 

Like I said, choosing a name for your child isn’t an easy task but the easiest and most important test is deciding how you feel. If you think you’ve found the perfect name for your child and you love it, that’s all that matters.

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